Is Horizontal or Vertical Storage Better For Your Markers

Over the years, I have used many different storage containers to hold my pens, markers, and pencils. I never thought that I could be storing them wrong, Did you? Depending on the type of markers and pens you own, you could be storing them wrong, Storing the markers incorrectly could shorten their lifespan or make the colors flowing from the tip less vibrant and colorful.  The last thing any scrapbooker wants is to pull out a marker, touch the paper and see a dry looking smudge instead of a clean colorful mark. Hopefully the tips below will help you store your markers, ink pens and pencils in a way that you will enjoy them for a long long time.

Marker-style pens and pens with writing/coloring tips on both ends should be stored horizontally to keep the ink distributed evenly. This is preferred because you want both ends of the pen to always have ink. In some cases if you were to store these types of markers vertically it can result in a wrecked marker with all the ink at one tip and the other tip dry. Horizontal storage will also prolong the life of the marker by keeping the ink from drying out as fast inside the pen. Any pen that requires you to shake before use, such as paint markers, and fabric markers should also be stored horizontally.

Ink pens (ballpoint pens) or gel pens should always be stored so that they are vertical, with the cap on and writing end down. This will ensure that the ink stays close to the tip of the pen and is ready to write when you are.

Pencils can be stored either vertically or horizontally. If they are stored vertically, place them with the sharpened ends up, this will help with the tip breaking off, and less sharpening before each use. If you chose to store them vertically place a piece of foam or soft material by the tips to protect the sharpened end.

In the end it all comes down to personal preference, what works best for you and your space. You will find a wide variety of storage solutions out there from store bought to homemade. The storage options can range in price from a dollar to well over 100 dollars. Just remember to consult the packaging of your pens when you purchase them to see if the manufacturer recommends either vertical or horizontal storage, for best results with your pens. Another helpful tip is if you have a large collection of pens, organize the pens into like-color groups.  Storing like-colors together will make it easier to find what you need while working on your projects.

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