Create a Rubber Stamp Signature

Are you looking for the perfect way to close out your scrapbooks or maybe even “sign” the back of a card you created?   How about a custom rubber stamp created by you with your signature?  Please keep in mind that this custom rubber stamp is going to be a labor of love, and it will probably take many attempts before you settle on the final stamp which you will use, but it is an interesting method of marking your creations with something that you created yourself.

You will need a few items to get started.

  • Tracing paper to sign your name one.
  • A pencil to use to sign your name
  • A rubber stamp block which you will carve your name into
  • A hobby knife / cutting tool to trim the rubber stamp

As with any project that involves sharp instruments, be careful when cutting and do not lay the rubber stamp bloc in the palm of your hand when using the hobby knife.  It is best to rest the block on a hard surface such as a table top when carving.

First, take the rubber stamp block and lay it on the tracing paper.  trace around the block with your pencil to get mark the size of the block.  This will give you the limts to use when writing your signature. Do this a few times so you have multiple places to try to write your signature.  You will want to pick the signature you are most happy with Hint: if you write outside the lines, that part of your signature will not show on the stamp.

When you have written your name a few times and selected the best signature (written all inside the lines of course), then take the tracing paper and line up the borders around your signature with the edge of the rubber stamp block.  Rub the tracing paper with your finger to transfer the lead from the signature to the rubber stamp block.  Be careful not to move the tracing paper around when rubbing or it will smudge the markings on the rubber stamp block and you will have to start over.

Slowly lift a corner to check if the lead has transferred onto the rubber stamp block.  If you are happy, slowly peel the rest of the transfer paper off the block.  If your signature is showing crisp clean lines and all the letters look good, you are ready to move to the next step.

Being careful while doing so, use your hobby knife to slowly cut away from the outside of the lines in your signature.  This will leave the lines from your signature as a raised surface so that they will come into contact with the ink page and leave only your signature on the paper.  This is a slow process.  The more time you take to do it right, the better your stamp will look and work in the end.  When you are done, you will have a rubber stamp with your own signature to “sign” those pages, books and cards that you put so much time and care into creating.

Creating your own rubber stamps is not limited to your signature.  If you can think it, draw it and cut it, the possibilities are endless.  Just can’t seem to be able to do it but still want a rubber stamp of your signature?  there are places out there like this one that will create the stamp for you for a fee.

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