Veggie Stamps

The love of crafting meets the kitchen and playing with your veggies is approved. Creating these simple vegetable stamps is an inexpensive way to introduce stamping to your children, or just something fun and creative to try on your own.

A few things you might need are, paint or ink, remember once you have stamped on your ink pad it will only be for veggies, so make sure you try this with an older ink pad first. Sponges to use with your paint it will leave a better impression if you dab the paint on instead of pressing your veggie in to the paint. Paper you want to stamp on this would work great if you wanted to make your own wrapping paper. Veggies and fruits some good ones are potatoes and apples. Once you try a few then you can branch out to the other ones and see what designs different veggies and fruits will make.

To create the veggie stamp, cut the potato in half, you now have a circle stamp. Potatoes are the best veggie to use, they are hard and will be able to be cut without juices. The easiest way to make your shape is a cookie cutter, you want to press the cookie cutter deep in to the flat cut side of the potato and using a knife cut about 1/4 to 1/2 inch down around the cookie cutter. Once you have the outside cut down you can remove the cookie cutter to see your raised stamp. For the apple it is simple you will just make an apple shaped stamp, by cutting the apple in half width-wise across the center of the apple (this reveals a star shape). Another fun veggie is celery if you chop of all the stalks the cut edge with the root is a rose.

You are now ready to create your project. Dab the ink on to the raised cut shape, your stamp. Once you have the stamp inked up press firmly onto the paper and lift straight up to reveal the image. Be creative in your designs and your ink colors, enjoy your new found stamps and remember to have fun playing with your food, this is the one time you don’t have to eat your veggies.

I do not know for sure if using a vegetable stamp is safe for your scrapbook pages, but I would be interested in hearing from people that have used them before. Let us know in the comments how the pages turned out and if you recommend this as a new “tool” to other scrappers.

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