Sixty Second Scrapbooking Supply Shopping Spree

Give me sixty seconds to run through a store and grab scrapbooking supplies and I will be a very happy crafter.  When I first saw the sixty second shopping spree offered by Toadilly Scrappin I got really excited, but then I saw how far away from me they are located.  If you are near Gig Harbor, WA, you may want to go check out the Toadilly Scrappin Store and get in on this contest.

All you have to do to enter is shop at Toadilly Scrappin between October 16-October 27, and receive one entry ticket for every $25 you spend.  The official rules are on their site, but you can read some of them below.

1. Must be present for drawing to win.(Sunday, October 28th at 1:00 p.m. Shopping spree begins promptly at 1:45 p.m)
2. Tickets are the responsibility of shopper and must be requested at time of purchase.*
3. Winner must shop alone and may not receive assistance from any other person – including employees. (Persons with disability may request someone to shop for them.)
4. Duplicate items not allowed – limit of one item per style
5. Maximum winnings $300 retail value,
6. At the end of 60 seconds the winner must immediately stop
7. Items from the shopping spree are considered “final purchase”.

If you win, let us know what you grabbed off the shelves.  Good luck to those who are entered for a chance.

Toadilly Scrappin – A Specialty Scrapbook Store, 6820 Kimball Dr., Ste 7, Gig Harbor, WA.  Phone: 253-853-4881

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