Easily Scrap Social Media Photos And Comments With Moxybook

Facebook, twitter and blogging have grown very popular in the past few years.  The good thing is that people can share photos with family and friends easily, but those photos reside on some server somewhere and are often forgotten about through the years.  Moxybook is looking to change that.  Moxybook offers a service where you can easily save those photos and the comments for the photos to a page that you design.  While the pages may not win an award for their sheer beauty, the fact that you can download the pages you design and print them or share them in pdf format makes Moxybook a great way to help share the memories in a more lasting fashion.

Below is an example from Blumoxy.com, the site where you can get Moxybook.  The page is for a newborn baby and shows a photo along with comments that were left for the photo scattered around the page, comments from family and friends that would have otherwise been left online and probably forgotten about years down the road.

 Moxybook is perfect for quickly sharing specific events such as a graduation, wedding, vacation, holidays, new home, etc..  Because the user interface is simple and the directions are easy to follow, even the most novice internet user could probably figure out how to create a page without any difficulty.

To get started, just visit the Blumoxy.com site and sign up for their free account.  Design your Moxybook by choosing your background and your layout.  Connect your account to your social media accounts and select the memories you want to use in your Moxybook.  Add what information you want to on your page and edit the content of the page.  The photos and comments can be angled and overlapped to customize your page.  Once you are done, you can save the page as a PDF, share it via facebook, twitter, email and in a little while, pinterest.  The best part is that you can print as many copies as you want from your personal printer or even at a printing kiosk so you can build albums with the pages you created.

If you use social media sites such as facebook and twitter, Moxybook may be just what you are looking for to help save those memories shared online.   The service is not free, but they offer a free “Try before you buy” plan and several different paid plans such as the pay per page plan which is $0.99 per page, the Silver plan with gives to 5 Moxybook pages a month for $3.99  a month, the Gold plan which allows you to create 10 Moxybook pages a month for $6.99 a month and a Platinum plan for those that really get into this which is $12.99 a month for 20 Moxybookpages a month.

You can check out some more examples of Moxybook pages on the Blumoxy site.

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