Copic Markers Price Increase Starts January 1st

The price of Copic Markers will go up on January 1st, 2013.  Copic explained the reason behind the price increase in a facebook post on their page, but it has to do with the import prices going up.  Copic makes some really good refillable markers used by many scrapbookers and other crafters, so there are probably a lot of people running to the store now to get Copic markers before the prices go up. In a kudos to Copic, they did try to raise the price slightly and attempted to wait it out and see if the dollar would strengthen again, but it didn’t and they are forced to implement a price increase.

The pricing of Copic Markers in the United States will now be on par with the prices for the Copic Markers in Europe and Australia.  All the Americans that were getting a “deal” on the markers will now just pay what their fellow crafters have been paying overseas.  You can see what Australians are currently paying for Copic Markers on this page at and compare to what you may be paying now in the United States.

In reference to a question about the price increase on their facebook page, Copic Markers did offer a nice explanation.

We have not heard about what the new prices will be, but knowing that a price increase is on the horizon, if you planned on picking some Copic Markers up in the near future you may want to do so before January 1st, 2013.

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