Videos: A Little Bit Of Scrapbooking Humor

Searching for some new scrapbooking videos, I stumbled upon a lot of funny scrapbooking videos which I thought I should share.  Check out the videos below  to get a little laugh, or not.   There are a lot of videos available, but these are some of the more entertaining ones that I found.  If you know of any other funny scrapbooking videos, please leave them in the comments so others can see them.

1- Tips for crafting safely using glitter.

2- A Frontline Scrapbooking Intervention.

3- The Fresh Prince of Scrapbooking.  This video is a guy who changed the lyrics of theme song from the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to fit scrapbooking.

4- Scrapbook Diva Song.

5- Preview of the comedy short “Inside Scrapbooking”.

6- The Parent Rap.  I know, this is not a scrapbooking video, but I did find it to be funny and entertaining.  Enjoy.

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