Do you SMASH?

A SMASH journal is just that a place for you to smash all your stuff together. K and Company had a SMASHing idea when they came up with these fun journals. It is a place to hold your thoughts, your important list, your dreams, your not so funny memories anything goes. It is an interactive journal that helps you put your own spin on scrapbooking with a touch of life. Its for everyday things, things you want to remember, things you want to make things you love and will never remember. You can draw, cut out photos, movie tickets, concert tickets , even  blank stubs you cant remember what they go to, or why they are in the bottom of your purse.

Check out the SMASH video below. I think it even tells you that is it like your junk drawer in a book. Seems like a simple idea, but as most people tend to scrap about others in their lives and forget to journal about the things they find neat or enjoy.

I found SMASH journals at Michaels, yes that’s right I got sucked in and well just can’t wait to get started. But for the first timers who want to see all that is offered check out all the SMASH products found at K and Company here. The SMASH books come with a double sides pen, an ink pen on one side and a glue stick on the other. This is so when you are journaling and you find that perfect magazine clip, ticket or receipt you can glue and write about it all at once.

I hope if you have never scrapbooked or kept a journal about YOU, you think about this and start one.

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