Scrappypedia Helps You Track Your Stash

Scrappypedia is a new free website that allows users to help keep track of their scrapbooking stash, keep a wishlist and help them to better plan their future purchases.  The website can be used as a standalone system or users can download the free app from the itunes store that will help them manage their account, add new products into their account and more.

The foundation of the site is a database of scrapbooking products. Users help grow the database by adding in new products.  If the new products added are not listed yet, they can add the information to have the product get added into the database for others to choose from.

Because I just signed up for the site today, I don’t have enough listed in my account to take screenshots that will be helpful at all.  Instead, I will list a video from Scrappypedia that gives a quick overview of the site and what it offers to scrapbookers.

Scrappypedia is a nice idea.  It would be nice to look at what I have in my stash and see how many I have of each item.  the problem that I have run into now is that I do not have a lot of the packaging for many of the items I have purchased through the years and I won’t have an accurate picture of everything I do have on hand.

When adding products into your account, you can search for the item to see if someone already added it to the database.  If the product is already listed, you just add it to your account.  you can also scan bar codes of products.  I think this would be most convenient when at a scrapbook store and building a wish list.

If the operators of Scrappypedia were to ask me, some suggestions I would make are as follows:

  • Add a feature that shows the best known price and where to get it for the products in my wish list.  This could be as simple as allowing users to enter not only the product, but also where they got it and what they paid for it.  This information could be used in the wishlist to let others know that “hey, this product is X dollars at this store” and make the wishlist much more valuable than just maintaining a list of things we want.
  • Drop the facebook and twitter only registration options.  I was really reluctant to sign up for an account because I don’t like sites to be tied to my facebook account.  Allowing an option to register by choosing a username and password would have been great and may help get more users.  Not everyone facebooks or uses twitter.
  • Add an “about us” page or maybe add a quick overview video 1 to 2 minutes in length on the front page of the site.  I had no idea what the site was really about and had to research it before I even decided to sign up.  I only went that far because I was going to write about it.
In Scrappypedia’s defense, it is a new site and is still in beta.  They do admit that there may be bugs in the system that have to be worked out and I am sure that they plan on continually improving the user experience and functionality of the site as time goes on.  If you want to give Scrappypedia a try, check them out and post a comment about what you think of the site.

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