Win The Fiskars Tool Package Of Your Dreams


Fiskars is running a great contest and giving you a chance to win the Fiskars Tool Package of Your Dreams!  you don’t have much time to enter because this contest ends on January 23, 2013.  The New Year, New Tools giveaway will give you a chance to win the tool package you would like to win most.  The tool packages available for selection are:

#1 – Gardener Prize Package

  • PowerGear® Hedge Shears (9” cutting length)
  • PowerGear® Bypass Pruner w/ Gel Touch (3/4” cutting capacity)
  • PowerGear® Bypass Lopper (18”) (1-1/2” cutting capacity)
  • UpRoot® Weed and Root Remover (40”)
  • Premium Kangaroo® Gardening Container with Hardshell® Base (30 gal.)
  • 2-pack Softtouch® Micro-Tip® Pruning Snip (w/ rust-resistant blades)
  • Softouch® Cultivator, Trowel and Transplanter Set
  • Softgrip® Folding Pruning Saw (8″)
  • Tool Care Kit
  • Garden Bucket Caddy

#2 – Crafter Prize Package

  • AdvantEdge™ Interchangeable Border Punch Starter Set: Flower Garden
  • AdvantEdge™ Punch System Cartridge: Ironworks
  • ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer (12”)
  • Premier 8” Bent + SewSharp™ Leopard Scissors
  • Interchangable Border Punch Starter Set: Daisy Chain

#3 – Yardsmith Prize Package

  • X27 Splitting Axe (36″)
  • X25 Splitting Axe (28″)
  • X15 Chopping Axe (23-1/2″)
  • X7 Hatchet (14″)
  • X5 Hatchet (8″)
  • Brush Axe
  • Axe and Knife Blade Sharpener

To enter the New Year, New Tools giveaway, just visit this page on facebook and follow the three simple steps: Click the “Enter Now” button.  Choose the prize package you want to win most. (Gardeners, Crafters, Yardsmiths)  Tell us about some of the wonderful projects you could create if you won.

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