The ScrapMaBob Drink Holder For Scrapbookers


Today was a slow day, so I spent most of the day poking around the internet looking at different scrapbooking related items.  I was on Amazon and a recommended item that they showed me was a ScrapMaBob or Scrap-Ma-Bob, I have seen it written both ways.

The ScrapMaBob is from The Original Scrapbox and is a neat little accessory to help declutter your work area.  I saw it on Amazon for $17.00 and if you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free.

The ScrapMaBob attaches to most counter tops and tables with a maximum table width of 3 and 1/4 inches.  (That would be a thick counter top or table)  The drink holder can hold up to a 32 ounce drink and the fabric bag is removable for emptying.  Some people use the fabric bag as a trash bag, some use it to hold snacks.

You can find the ScrapMaBob on Amazon or at The Original Scrapbox.

drinklipLooking for a cup holder for your work area, but don’t necessarily need the fabric bag?  Check out the DrinKlip. (another recommendation that popped up on amazon).  It works similar to a clothespin and can hold drinks, a cell phone or other items.

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