Get Your Own Handwriting Font From MemoryMixer

john-hancockToday is National Handwriting Day.  According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA), “The purpose of National Handwriting Day is to alert the public to the importance of handwriting”.  Coincidentally, today is also John Hancock’s birthday and he has one of the most famous signatures of all time.  MemoryMixer is giving you a chance to get your own handwriting in a font for $6.95.  That is $13.00 off the normal price of $19.95.

MemoryMixer is giving you the chance to create your own TrueType (ttf) Font using your handwriting or doodles and it is good for PC & Mac.  To get started, download and Print My Handwriting Font Guide PDF file which contains instructions and Font Template. You may print additional Font Templates by specifying pages to print in the “My Handwriting Font Guide”.

To create your own font, you will need a printer to print off the guide with the template, a black marker (fine or med tip) and a scanner.  MemoryMixer says it will take about 1 week for delivery and the font will be sent to email address given when submitting completed Font Template.

To start creating your own handwriting font, visit this page on  The sale is only good today before the price jumps back up to $19.95…which is still not that bad of a deal for a custom font of your own handwriting.

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