Spellbinders Tool ‘n One

T-001Spellbinders Tool ‘n One is a crafter’s dream giving you all your tools at your fingertips. It is a portable tool that performs multiple craft functions, including piercing, folding, paper removal, inking, distressing, curling, and more. ! In addition, it provides a unique storage solution. What is the solution? The Tool-n-One’s attachments are housed within the “pod” of its main body. The tool easily crosses over for other hobbyists using small pieces and parts such as airplane models and miniature houses.

Noell Hyman from PaperCrafting.com covers the Spellbinders Tool ‘n One in this video filmed during CHA 2014.  The Spellbinders Tool ‘n One was selected as the 3rd place winner in the CHA Top 20 Awards for CHA 2014.

If you have intricate die cuts with small holes where the paper gets stuck, you’ll want to check out this new tool by Spellbinders. With the Tool N’ One you won’t have to poke out each tiny individual piece of paper anymore!

You can pick up the Spellbinders Tool ‘n One online at the Spellbinders website: https://spellbinderspaperarts.com/products/p-1465-tool-n-one.aspx

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