The Closing Of Two Peas In A Bucket


Two Peas In A Bucket, the immensely popular scrapbook and paper crafting website is closing it’s doors.  From what we can tell, the reasons have yet to be divulged, but with such a huge following and member base, it is amazing that it is simply closing it’s doors versus being scooped up by another website or company.

If you have been trying to get on the website lately, you may have noticed that there server is not able to keep up with the demand.  It seems as though pretty much any scrapbooker or paper crafter in the world is trying to get on that website right now, adding more proof to just how popular the site is / was.

Here is what was posted on their website:


It seems they Two Peas is clearing out their inventory and they are offering their final product sale at this link.

If you would like to review their frequently asked question page regarding the closing of Two Peas In A Bucket, check out this page.

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